Things I’ve Written on the Internet

Things I’ve written on the Internet in no particular order.

[ETA: I think all these links are now broken]

On the State of the Union, the University, and the Humanities

On “Footprints” that Jesus-in-the-sand thing

On Freshmen and Safe Sex

On “Post-Frey” Romanticism

On Literary Criticism, Fractals, Hugh Kenner

On Hybrid Fetishism

On “Donor Siblings”

On Writing, Hardness Of

On Teaching the “I,” the Voice, and the Self

On the “Soviet Union Going Out of Business Sale”


On The Day After Tomorrow vs. Superman III

On the Awareness Industry

On Primitivism and “Science”

On “Human-Centered” Ethics

On How to Succeed with Lonely Intellectuals

On Penguins

On Cavemen

On School Violence in Higher Ed (or, don’t bludgeon your advisor with a ball peen hammer)

On Abraham Lincoln

On Creationism and Fractals

On Academic Fashion

On My Time in a Stem-Cell Lab

On Burger King Commercials

On MPAA Ratings

On Failing to Become an Astronaut

On How the Ivy Half Lives

On What Makes Us Human

On Never Having Been to Europe (I have, since, been to Europe)

On Metaphors and Machines

On Robin Williams and the New Criticism

On That Time I Was Addicted to Tetris

On the Duke Lacrosse Scandal