Megan Massino

Assistant Director of Scholarly and Academic Programs
Center for the Humanities
University of Wisconsin-Madison


2015                Ph.D. in Literary Studies, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison. March
2015. Areas of Concentration: Twentieth-Century American and British Literature, History of Philosophy and Mathematics, Critical Theory. Ph.D. Minor Concentration: History of Science. Dissertation: “Axiomatic Modernism: Poetics, Logic, and Mathematics in the Early 20th Century,” directed by Cyrena N. Pondrom and Sara Guyer

2005                M.A. in Literary Studies, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison. August 2005.

2004                B.A., English and History, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. May 2004.

Professional Experience

May 2015-present                Assistant Director of Scholarly and Academic Programs, Center for the Humanities, UW-Madison

2011-2015                Project Assistant, Events and Programs, Center for the Humanities, UW-Madison

2011-2013       Project Coordinator, Sawyer Seminar on Biopolitics, UW-Madison

2008-2011       Instructor, Writing Center and Online Writing Center, UW-Madison

2007-2008       Lecturer, Departments of Women’s Studies and English, UW-Whitewater

2004-2010       Graduate Research, Project, and Teaching Assistant, Department of English, UW-Madison

Fellowships, Grants, and Awards 

2014-2015       Marie Christine Kohler Fellowship, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW-Madison

2012-2015       Mellon Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Humanities Grant, “Immaterial Labor and the University in Crisis”

2012                Mark and Elizabeth Eccles Excellence in Innovation in Teaching Award, Department of English, UW-Madison

2011                Graduate School Vilas Travel Grant, UW-Madison

2007                Department’s Excellence in Teaching Composition Award, Department of English, UW-Madison

Invited Presentations

2015    Plenary Lecture, “The Guilty Pleasures of The Real: Literary Modernism and Ontological Theory.” 11th Annual Madlit Conference on Language and Literature. Madison, WI. February 26-28, 2015.

2007    Invited Talk, “Critical Algorithms: Euclidean v. Fractal History.” Roundtable for the Division of Science and Literature, Annual Modern Languages Association Conference. Chicago, Illinois. December 27-30, 2007.

Conference Presentations

2016    “Web Has Always Been Modern, or, The Internet of No-Ideas-But-In-Things” (accepted for the Genre Studies Nonfiction Prose Forum at the January, 2016 Annual Modern Languages Association Conference, but not yet delivered).

2012    “Newcomers Seeking Rome in Rome: Discipline and Resemblance.” Annual American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Providence, RI. March 28-April 1, 2012.

2012    “The Moon and Mars: Postcards from Criticism’s Recent History.” Annual Madlit Conference on Language and Literature. Madison, WI. March 1-3, 2012.

2006    “‘Science’ in the New Critical Imagination.” Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference. Tulsa, Oklahoma. October 19-22, 2006.

2005    “To the One Who Finds My Body: Speech, Translation and the Dead.” Annual Midwest Modern Languages Association Conference. Milwaukee, WI. November 10-13, 2005.

Teaching Experience

Courses Designed and Taught

2008    Lecturer, UW-Whitewater Department of English. Spring 2008. Introduction to Poetry, Drama, and Literary Research. 

2007    Lecturer, UW-Whitewater Department of Women’s Studies. Fall 2007. Women in 20th Century American Literature and Culture.

2005-2010       Composition Instructor, UW-Madison English 100 Program.

Fall 2010: Freshman Writing & Research: The Culture of Critique

Spring 2010: Digital Composition: Life as Research

Fall 2009: Digital Composition: Food/Tech

Spring 2007: Freshman Writing & Research: Style

Fall 2006: Freshman Writing & Research: Clarity & Its Discontents

Spring 2006: Freshman Writing & Research: Reading the “Two Cultures”

Fall 2005: Freshman Writing & Research: Discipline & the University

Courses Taught

2007-2008       Teaching Assistant, UW-Madison Department of English. Fall 2007; Fall 2008. British and Anglophone Literature, 1750 to the Present.
2008                Teaching Assistant, UW-Madison Department of English. Spring 2008. Introduction to Modern Literature, 1900 to the Present.

Other Teaching Employment

2008-2011       Instructor, UW-Madison Writing Center. Academic Years 2008 – 2011.

2008-2010       Instructor, UW-Madison Online Writing Center. Academic Years 2008 – 2009; Fall 2010.

2011-2012       Reader/Grader, UW-Madison Department of Afro-American Studies. Academic Year 2011-2012. Black Women Writers.

2008, 2010      Reader/Grader, College Board, Educational Testing Service. June 2008; June 2010. AP English Literature Examination.

Other Academic Employment

May 2015-present                Assistant Director of Scholarly and Academic Programs, Center for the Humanities, UW-Madison
2011-2015     Project Assistant, Events and Programs, Center for the Humanities, UW-Madison. Coordinated public events, communication, outreach, and development of community and professional networks. Developed a comprehensive understanding of the administration of public programs in the arts and humanities. January 2015-present, served as interim coordinator of research programs. Facilitated professional development activities for postdoctoral fellows; collaborated with other campus entities in public programming and academic colloquia; executed publicity and provided mentorship to graduate students and faculty in interdisciplinary workshops in the humanities; served as primary coordination contact for large international conference in progress.
2011-2013       Coordinator, Sawyer Seminar on Biopolitics, UW-Madison Center for the Humanities. Academic Years 2011-2012, 2012-2013. Coordinated workshops of unpublished work among scholars in anthropology, philosophy, literature, sociology, biology, and other disciplines as part of a multi-year seminar project and mini-research center. Coordinated all aspects of travel, payment, event planning, and publicity.
2006                Research Assistant for Professor Henry S. Turner, UW-Madison Department of English, Summer 2006.
2005                Research Assistant for Professor Jacques Lezra. UW-Madison Department of English, Summer 2005.
2004-2005       Research Assistant for Professor Susan Stanford Friedman. UW-Madison Department of English, Academic Year 2004-2005, Summer 2005.
2004-2005       Project Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies. UW-Madison Department of English. Academic Year 2004-2005.

Academic Service

2012-2015       Co-Organizer, Interdisciplinary Mellon Workshop in the Humanities: “Immaterial Labor and the University in Crisis”
2008-2009       Literary Studies Steering Committee, Department of English
2006                Panel Chair, “Comparative Modernisms,” 2006 Modernist Studies Association Conference
2006-2009       Organizer, Publicist, Webmaster, Modernisms/Modernities Colloquium
2004                Assistant Organizer, “Remembering Derrida” Symposium, UW-Madison

Affiliations and Professional Memberships           

American Comparative Literature Association
Modernist Studies Association
Modern Language Association
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin-Madison