Teaching Interests

Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American and British literature, particularly Modernism; the History of Science, particularly twentieth-century Mathematics and Physics; Critical Theory and the Philosophy of Science. Teaching with New Media.  Experimental composition practices.

Teaching Statement (click here)

Teaching Awards

Mark and Elizabeth Eccles Excellence in Innovation in Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Spring 2012. One award given annually to a graduate student instructor in the Department of English with a demonstrated history of excellence in teaching and use of innovative pedagogy.

Department’s Excellence in Teaching English 100 Award, Spring 2007; Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison. One award given annually to a graduate student instructor in the composition program for innovative and effective teaching. Award criteria based on observations by faculty and student evaluations.

Teaching Experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Composition Instructor
Academic Years 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2009-2010, and Fall 2010
Department of English, 7 semesters. Developed syllabus, designed assignments and independently instructed a class of 19 freshman in analytical writing.

• Fall 2010            Freshman Writing and Research: The Culture of Critique
• Spring 2010    Digital Composition: Life as Research
This section of the course involved primarily multimodal and collaborative work, with students learning and teaching each other with multimedia and technology as well as producing polished digital projects.
• Fall 2009            Freshman Writing and Research: Food/Tech
This section of the course met in a multimedia studio in a campus library. The course had a collaborative focus and students produced audio and video essays.
• Fall 2006            Freshman Writing and Research: Clarity and Its Discontents
• Spring 2007            Freshman Writing and Research: Style
This section of the course met in a residential hall classroom.
• Spring 2006            Freshman Writing and Research: Reading the “Two Cultures”
• Fall 2005            Freshman Writing and Research: Discipline and the University

Teaching Assistant

British and Anglophone Literature, 1750 to the Present
Fall 2007 and Fall 2008
Department of English, 2 semesters. Led discussion sections in an upper-level literature survey and writing intensive course for English majors, graded all work and designed assignments.

Introduction to Modern Literature, 1900 to the Present
Spring 2008
Department of English, 1 semester. Led discussion sections in anintroductory literature survey. Graded all work and designed assignments.

Reader/Grader           Afro-American Studies/Gender & Women’s Studies 222: Black Women Writers       AY 2011-2012
UW-Madison. 2 semesters. Designed assignments with principle instructor; taught sections on writing; evaluated all student work.

Writing Instructor/Tutor

UW Madison Writing Center
Fall 2008-Spring 2011
Met one-on-one with undergraduate and graduate students to assist in their writing projects for UW-Madison coursework, applications to jobs, academic and post-graduate programs, etc. Held appointments and walk-in sessions both in the main Writing Center setting and in satellite locations throughout campus including residential halls, cafeterias, and libraries. Staffed the Writing Center in the summer of 2008.

Online Writing Center (UW Madison) Fall 2008-Fall 2010
Received via email questions and pieces of writing from students, responded via email with writing advice tailored to their own work and concerns. Met with students in online chat-rooms to discuss their work. The program offers accessibility to students who might otherwise not be able to or be comfortable coming to the other writing center locations.

Lectureships (other than at UW-Madison)

Lecturer, Introduction to Poetry, Drama and Literary Research
Spring 2008
Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 1 semester.
Developed and taught two sections of a freshman level course, totaling 50 students. Designed syllabus and assignments for a discussion based writing intensive course on literature and literary analysis.

Lecturer, Women in 20th Century American Literature and Culture
Fall 2007
Department of Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 1 semester.
Developed and taught a class of 30 students in a course designed to bring together the tools of history, literature, cultural studies and other disciplines to examine issues of gender, race, class in media culture. Designed lectures, assignments and exams.

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